The goal of the Immi.Gen Company is to provide affordable information systems leadership and expertise in a number of technical arenas with state-of-the-art knowledge and tools. We have attracted multi-talented, experienced professionals who, linked together through advanced collaborative technology, can operate a corporate structure with low overhead, few encumbrances and pass the savings on to your organization.

Our experts bring people together through the application of various collaborative technologies. We recognize that technologies already in place may have to be integrated and leveraged in order to provide an adequate return on your IT investment. We therefore are not limited to, or biased towards any particular vendor or software. Our aim is to provide you with the ideal solution while leveraging the right technology required for the specific applications.

Our philosophy is centered on the fact that professional excellence can only happen when each individual strives for a balanced life. The members of our group are therefore flexible both in their time and attitude. Working is something we enjoy and we bring this enthusiasm to every one of our engagements.